Have you been on a date and thought it went well only to not hear from that person again? It can be an unnerving experience and make you feel like what happened? Why aren’t they calling or texting me back? I need answers!
In a relationship and just been dumped and Ghosted “not responding to your calls, text or emails”?
Get Answers! Starting at Just $ 9.99
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Who uses our services?
Individual looking for closure or a rekindle.
What do we do for you?
We will send an automated text and email, if you have all forms of contact.
What can you expect?
As an impartial 3rd party we try to generate a response to your filled out questionnaire
Get closure or rekindle your relationship
Been Ghosted can try and get you the answers you deserve! What can it hurt at this point right? As an impartial third party you have a better chance at getting a response and getting that closure or rekindle that you deserve!
A Small Price to Pay for Closure
or Rekindled Relationship
Fill in the questionnaire, send off an automated contact with text and email & we will try to get you a response
A live person tries 2 times to make contact with you significant other. If successful, we will read them the answers to the questionnaire and ask them for a response and relay the response back to you! We will also ask if it is ok for you to contact them.